I believe the best stories come from the grassroots of sport. 

Elite players and sporting legends have to start somewhere.. 
Who helped them in their journey?
Why did they play for that local club?

What did they give up to be successful?

These stories connect with people and inspire future sports stars. 

I grew up in a country town, there wasn't much to do but play sport. I found my passion for softball early and later I discovered gridiron, the sport that changed my life

Playing a niche sport in Australia gave me perspective on grassroots sports. There isn't any major coverage, because there really isn't that much demand.. and without coverage, it's tough to increase awareness and participation.  


It's hard for grassroots sports and clubs to get sponsorship, raise funds and get in front of potential recruits.. there's so much noise within the sporting landscape! I found the best way to engage with sponsors and potential new players was through authentic storytelling and strategic promotion on social media.


Like most of the clubs around the country, I was also a volunteer director on a board. The amount of time it takes to just keep things running from competition organisation, merchandise, registrations, managing coaches and players is so immense that social media and marketing often gets pushed to the side. 

I started sportscontent.org to give clubs and smaller sports an opportunity to tell their stories through video content and social media. 

Get in touch with me to see how I can help your club connect with the local community, gain sponsorship and tell the stories of the people making a difference in your sport. 


Stacey Speer


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