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5 Keys to Successful Club Videos

"We need to be doing more video"

A common sentence in club board meetings. "We don't have the funds for that.. " is usually the follow up.

If by chance the club agrees to get someone to produce a video;

How do you know if it will work? How do you want it to look... where do you start?

If you are delegated the duty of producing it yourself... the same questions apply.

The difference between a good video and a great video goes beyond the filming and editing- yes quality footage and audio is important but what's more important is the messaging, (the WHAT) the call to action, (the HOW) knowing who you are talking to (the WHO) the delivery (the WHEN) and of course.. the WHY.

You have 10 seconds, to get someone hooked.... and GO!

It can be pretty daunting.

Here's a few things to think about if you are considering video for recruitment or to raise awareness of your sport/club.

1. The WHAT, What?

Keep it simple. Don't overcomplicate your video.

Having too many messages, call to actions and constant image changes will confuse your member.

You might want to make the most of the video by including everything that is happening in your club but providing a brief overview of your season opener on Saturday, along with your rep trials next month and a coaches announcement won't be nearly as effective as giving each important event in your calendar its own video.

2. The HOW. You want me to do what now?

Click this link! Share, Tag, Subscribe, Register Now!

Tell your audience what you want them to do! How they can get involved. You don't want to be leaving your members asking, 'and now what?'

If you mention to visit your website, make sure what they are after is on the frontpage, don't make them go looking.

Decide on if your video is a recruitment focus or awareness focussed as each will have a different 'call to action' - Register Now! would be recruitment and revenue based, where as Share or Tag are awareness driven.

PRO TIP: Make the journey to joining your club as pain-free as possible, the fewer steps the better. Don't make someone visit your website, to sign up on another page and have to email the registrar and wait for more details. Automation software is available to help manage your registrations, and tracking these 'interactions' from your video to wherever you send them will provide you with valuable data and stats to see how effective your video was.

3. The WHO. Who's, who in the zoo?

Knowing your audience is half the battle.

You want to divide your attention between:

- new players/members

- existing members

When you are thinking about new recruits, think about what kind of player you want to attract. A high performance player wants different things from your club than a brand new junior player. Showcase what's important to each of them. Is it the facilities, the coaching? Maybe interview a player who represents them.

Your existing members are your most valuable. They are your advocate when they wear your apparel out in public.

Keeping them engaged to ensure they return next season should be just as important as recruitment. Highlight the successes of the past season, relive some memories, feature your representative players and their achievements.

PRO TIP: Stay active on social media in your offseason! Facebook's algorithm will take longer to kick start next season if you let your engagement slide and valuable people might miss out on seeing your posts. *You can read more about the Facebook algorithm here.

4. The WHEN. It's all about delivery.

The right message at the right time, all the time.

You've finished the video - but when do you post it? Generally, Facebook is best on the commute to/from work or school and lunchtimes.

However, each club will be different. At my club, I try to make sure to have our highlights video ready for Wednesday lunchtime when we have training. It works to remind players to attend training and its when our analytics shows we have the most people online.

Delivery of your video is also driven by what social platform you are using.

Remember to account for this when deciding on the length of your video.

Check out the Ideal Video Length for Social Media here

17% of teens say Instagram is the most important social media site (up from 12% in 2012) *

PRO TIP: Include captions on any video with people speaking, consider that some people might not be able to listen to it when they see it!

5. The WHY. What's the purpose.

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it" - Simon Sinek

The best way to ensure you are producing good video is to be authentic.

Flashy high value videos are great for giving some professionalism to your club, but the most successful videos talk to their intended audience in a real tone of voice and are a representation of the people and values of the club.

Using your members in your promotional video gives them a sense of inclusion and recognition, it also builds trust and legitimacy to potential new recruits.

For more information on creating video for your sports club, get in touch!

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