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Sponsorship... Why businesses aren't lining up to give your club money.

Sponsorship is a two-way street, and businesses get bombarded with requests to fund local clubs and initiatives. What are you doing to stand out to sponsors? Lately I have been noticing more and more athletes asking the public for donations and fundraising then I do for clubs actively promoting their sponsors.

I, myself have been focussing on securing a sponsor for a representative competition and have asked the question of businesses - why don't you support your local club?

The most common response is, "We tried sponsoring our local teams but they take the money and we see nothing in return. They don't genuinely support us"

The reasons businesses get involved in local sport are varied, but for the majority it is to show support for their community. Sponsorship is about building mutually beneficial long-term relationships between your club, its members and your sponsor.

Interestingly, creating extra revenue is generally not the main reason they choose to sponsor a sports club! By partnering with local sports, businesses can reach potential new customers through affiliate advertising from a trusted brand or source. They also do it to show goodwill in their community, highlight another side of their business that is outside of what they usually do and build awareness.

For clubs, this means that the drive to go that extra mile to help their partners can sometimes fall lax, often with a change in committee or general busy periods. I can't express how sponsorship retention should be a high focus on the list of priorities to ensure funds are secure and a projection of estimated revenue is available for seasons to come.

Once you gain a sponsor, consistent engagement is key to guaranteed funding and once the partnership is established - you need to continually ask of your club "what value are we providing? Is what we are doing enough to keep our sponsor happy for the next 5 years?"

Chances are there's a logo on the website, logo on a jersey and you have a function there once a year. Traditionally, this has been the way its been done. As more businesses are being approached for sponsorship, clubs need to develop even more assets to offer in packages that will make your club stand out.

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Keep an eye out for our upcoming video series - 'SPONSORED' where we meet with sponsors of local clubs and they tell you why they do it, what do they expect and how you can show value to your sponsors!


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